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 Q uanta was founded to solve in total, the financing needs of experienced single family and multi-family residential real estate investors. Our capital is institutional in size and scope without the complexities. Providing creative financing solutions nationwide to an emerging asset class, Quanta's institutional roots yield a high level of expertise coupled with an end to end understanding of what a prolific operator needs to be successful. Without the excessive bureaucracy or adherence to formalities. 

This combination of national experience layered with local real estate knowledge and confidence in our borrowers allows us to be nimble and provide first mover advantage. Traditional lenders are too often constrained by heavy regulations, opinionated committees and stacks of internal processes that limit speed, flexibility, and creativity-  the very elements necessary to operate effectively in a fast paced highly competitive purchase, repair and sell cycle.

We are dedicated to working with world class operators to make smart loans that meet their demanding financing needs. [fix and flip rental loans]


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